About Us

Since the dawn of microcomputer age, established in 1989, Techville Computer Centers has helped businesses look at themselves in new ways. To reach beyond what is possible. To chart new territories. To identify and maintain a competitive edge.

Techville Computer Center is a powerful business partner for companies on their way up. We are one of the oldest and largest computer reseller organizations in the world. Our company’s network serves a diversity of clients – from entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies.

We achieved our success by viewing clients in terms of relationships and by providing real solutions. These solutions help individuals and organizations work productively to achieve their full potential. We enable clients to take full advantage of all technology has to offer and to see beyond the immediate horizon. Techville Computer Center has remained at the forefront of the ever-changing technological frontier, and this helps businesses like yours stay ahead of the trends.

Techville Computer Center solutions are developed in partnership with our clients to address specific short-term goals, while laying the groundwork for future growth. We learn as much as possible about how your business operates, then prescribe an information technology solution that integrates your company’s strategic mission.

Two vital components of Techville Computer Center’s long-term commitment to clients are training and support. To safe-guard your investment in technology, we offer training and support services that are among the very best in the industry. Our dedication to excellence has not wavered over the years because our executive management has remained virtually intact since the beginning. Our company founders still set the direction and attitude of the organization. This drive for excellence mandates that we add value to everything we do.


That’s what the power of Techville Computer Center Network is all about. We invite you to learn how Techville Computer Center can manage your information technology and work for your competitive advantage.